Acupuncture Treatment Sessions

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes you as a complex blend of body, mind and emotion. During the first visit, the practitioner is concerned with all aspects of the patients health. Details of medical, surgical and family history and other lifestyle habits are collected. A general physical examination is conducted and the pulse, abdomen and tongue are usually assessed. An acupuncture treatment session usually involves the needling of the front and back of the body or a certain local area of the body depending on the patients presentation. The patient may feel a buzzing sensation, which tells the acupuncturist that the point is activated, the energy is moving and they are going to get the results. The Acupuncture needles are left in the body for 15-20 minutes while the body rests to let the energy move around and do its job. Therefore a session may take anywhere up to an hour.

There can be a period of exacerbation of symptoms for the first 24 hours as with any form of body treatment and the therapeutic benefits of treatment can then take up to three days to kick in. The number and frequency of treatments depends on several factors including the duration of your present disorder, your age, constitution and individual health goal. However usually 10-15 treatments are recommended to achieve the full effects of Acupuncture.